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3D Printing can be used in:

Architecture and interior design
Industrial/product design
Consumer products
Automotive industry
Art, fashion, jewellery
D.I.Y. (hobbies)
Humanitarian aid

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Architecture and Interior Design

With collaboration with the local architects and interior designers, we produce astonishingly smooth, detailed architectural models, allowing them to provide a physical visual result of their projects to their customers.

Product Design and Prototyping

As product design consultants we add value in a number of key sectors, including product design, engineering, robotics and electronic development.

Art and Jewellery

We can produce artistic 3D products (sculptures, artifacts, jewelry, installations), created by studio craftspeople and artists in order to satisfy their creative expressions and designs by using a variety of materials.

Engineering and Automotive

Our creative team takes engineering concepts from research through development to manufacturing. We develop personalized engineering/automotive parts for each client based on their needs and business objectives, creating a meaningful and useful experience.


We provide 3D services using 3D scanned images from CT/MRI scanners, for dental, orthopaedic and prosthetic surgery.


Our team can provide custom made 3D parts coming from educational institutes for research or educational needs.

Gadgets, Toys and Souvenirs

With our 3D services, you can customize your creative ideas for toys, gadgets, souvenirs and giveaways, using your custom made or free downloaded 3D models, in a variety of colors (dual color) and materials.

3D Printers, Consumables and Spare Parts

We are the local representatives of Ultimaker’s FDM 3D printers and all their consumables and spare parts. Our engineering team provides training, full support, and maintenance.

Laser, Engraving and Cutting

Our offices are equipped with the state of the art CNC engraving and Laser cutting machines.

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