Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit

€189 + VAT

Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit

Extend the life of your Ultimaker and minimize downtime


Take care of your Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+ with ease and confidence. As an all-in-one solution, our Maintenance Kit contains all the necessary parts to make routine maintenance seamless and fast for you. 

Keep downtime to a minimum. Now that you've made an investment in an Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 2 Extended+ 3D printer, make sure you're covered for anything that might go wrong. The Ultimaker maintenance kit includes all of the items that would most commonly need replacement.

What's in the Maintenance Kit? 

  • PT100 B Sensor Glass Fiber
  • TFM (2x)
  • Fan Pack
  • Bowden Tube Pack
  • Olsson Nozzle 0.4
  • Hot End Isolator
  • Pulley Pack
  • Glass plate
  • Build Platform Glass Retainer Back (2x)
  • Calibration Card
  • Sliding Blocks (2x)
  • Magnalube / Grease
  • Timing Belt GT2 200 (2x)
  • Timing Belt GT2 610 (4x)
  • Heater Cartridge 24V 35W
  • Injection Molding Part / Print Head Aid
  • Sewing Machine Oil

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