Ultimaker2+ 0.80mm Nozzle Pack

Price - €79,00 + VAT


The giant 0.8mm nozzle allows you to turn out prototypes faster than ever before thanks their high throughput. With double the size opening of the standard 0.4mm, you can push out a large volume of filament very quickly, just right for rapid prototyping. While these nozzles don't excel at the minute detail, they do allow you to print fast, print big and get more work done on your Ultimaker 2+. This pack contains five 0.8mm nozzles, perfect for multi-printer setups or to have in your 3D printing toolkit as replacements if necessary. These nozzles are directly compatible with the Olsson Block of the Ultimaker 2+ and change out in minutes!


  • Nozzle size: 0.8mm
  • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
  • Machine compatibility: Ultimaker 2+
  • Package contents: 5 Nozzles


  1. Heat the hotend to the printing temperature of the loaded filament.
  2. Unload the filament from the hotend.
  3. Using a wrench, break the nozzle loose from the hotend.
  4. Carefully unscrew the nozzle from the hotend all the way, it will be hot!
  5. Thread the new nozzle into the hotend, it will heat up quickly so be careful.
  6. Using a wrench, tighten the new nozzle into the hotend. Careful not to over tighten as you run the risk of shearing off the nozzle!
  7. Reload filament and ensure it's flowing freely through your new nozzle.
  8. Print!

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