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The BobbleShop is a product line of 3D photobooths that have been developed for fitting to different segments on the consumer market. Each booth offers specific features and capabilities matching with both the operators and consumers needs. 

All the photobooth of The BobbleShop product line rely on a 3D scanning technology and a completely automatic process from scanning to 3D printing of the figurines without any rework or manipulation on 3D Files, thus offering the most easier to use solution on this market. The scanning process takes almost 10 seconds for creating a 3D realistic avatar of the face of the consumers. 

All our photobooths offer to consumers the ability to choose and personalize their favorite figurine in a catalog of 250+ models. The catalog can be organized and adapted by the owners directly on site, according to client needs. The figurines proposed by The BobbleShop solutions are available in 3 sizes from 2,5" to 5" and are manufactured by online 3D color printers.

The BobbleShop has already seduced more than 300 customers worldwide and are used every day for the best fun and pleasure of everyone. The BobbleShop solutions are sold and supported in 28 countries worldwide by professional and highly skilled resellers while professional printing service providers print the figurines locally for a better quality and delivery service.

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