Ultimaker Breakaway

Ultimaker Breakaway

Ultimaker Breakaway is a support material for multi-extrusion 3D printing. Breakaway support is quick to remove and does not need further post-processing for a quality finish on your 3D print. Designed for a hassle-free 3D printing experience, Breakaway provides good adhesion to ABS, Nylon, PLA, Tough PLA, CPE, or CPE+.


Fixture 3D printed with Ultimaker Breakaway support material












Reasons to choose 
Ultimaker Breakaway

  • No sanding or waiting for your support material to dissolve. Simply print and break it away
  • Ensures a high-quality surface finish on your model
  • Good adhesion to ABS, Nylon, PLA, Tough PLA, CPE, or CPE+
  • Longer shelf life and less moisture sensitive compared to water-soluble support material, such as PVA
  • Ideal for use with build materials that could be sensitive to water


Removing Breakaway support

Cutting away Breakaway support material with pliers

Step 1 Tear

Begin by removing the majority of the inner support structure, using gripping pliers to tear away the interior area.

Learn how to remove Breakaway 

Separating the Breakaway material from the model

Step 2 Pull

Loosen the support from the model around the corners with cutting pliers. Pull the Breakaway support from the model.


Removing Ultimaker Breakaway support material from the 3D print

Step 3 Peel

If a layer of support remains, find a loose edge and peel it away from the model. Remove any final traces with pliers or tweezers.

Ultimaker materials color availability

Available only in White 750 g

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